who we are

We are a vanlife collective of eco-conscious individuals who have backgrounds in photography, videography, marketing and content creation. We are very selective with the brands we collaborate with and promote to our community.

what we offer

We offer the following premium services to clients who align with our vanlife culture and have a respect for the outdoors. We partner with brands who are looking to capture their products among our minimalist lifestyle and off-the-grid in nature.


Send us 2-3 photos of your product and we will post them over a week advertising the giveaway. If you send us an extra of the product you are giving away, we will take photos for you. We will encourage people to follow your account, tag friends and comment why they want to receive your product. These posts will appear on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and have been highly successful for brands to gain followers and engagement. At the end of the giveaway, you will choose the winner and send the product.

Here are a few examples on our Instagram account:

product placement on Social media

This package includes one social media van-related post (on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter) using your product. You would send us your product to test and we would take it out in a van to generate content.

Brand Review

A brand review includes one write up with photos on our website as well as social media posts directing people to the brand review to find out more information. You would send us your product and we will write the brand review and take photos using your product. Photos of your product with a link to the brand review would be posted on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Browse through the following brand reviews on our website:

Vanlife photoshoot

You send us your product and we will take photos using it in our vans. We will share one of these photos on our social media (on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and we provide you with pictures you can use to promote on your social media accounts.

Here are a few examples promoting Teva shoes on the Vanlife Diaries account:

Podcast sponsorship

The Roll with Me podcast features interviews with people who are living alternative lifestyles. Whether you're interested in vanlife, tiny houses or campers, there's something in here for each of you. In each episode, we explore why people live this way.

At the beginning of each episode, we say a word about our sponsors. If that's you, we would work with you on the wording and where we should direct listeners to go.



Vanlife Partnership package

Your logo would be featured for one year on our website partners page, we would post two social media posts (on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter) using your product, and your brand would be included as a sponsor for upcoming vanlife gatherings and you would be featured in our end-of-the-year Vanlife Holiday Gift Guide.

Browse through the following brands listed on our partners page:

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