Teva Arrowood Hiking Boots

I have worn the same hiking boots for about five years now. When they started to wear down, I knew I wanted a pair of boots that could last and withstand my daily activity.

When I received the Teva Arrowood hiking boots, I was sold.

Not only were these shoes I could take backpacking, but I could also wear them around town.

The number one thing I like about these boots is that they are comfortable. Unlike my previous hiking boots that took me a few minutes to lace up, these kicks slide on and slide off at the ready.

In the past few months, these boots have already gone to some amazing places, such as national parks, hiking trails and down back roads in our van.

But they have also gone to some urban places, such as post offices, restaurants and grocery stores. It was during one my grocery store visits that a woman pointed to my shoes and asked me where I got them. I told her, and when I returned home, she messaged me on Instagram and said she recognized me from my shoes.

The world of social media will always amaze me. When I met up with her, we realized we had a few friends in common.

But perhaps we wouldn’t have ever met if it wasn’t for these boots.