The Meaning of Vanlife

It's been 18 months since we embarked on this journey to capture this amazing community, and we are proud to share the trailer for The Meaning of Vanlife.

Available on Vimeo on Demand April 26!


For those of you in Australia, stay tuned for release dates with our broadcast partner, Stan.

Thank you

We couldn't be more proud of all the stories we've Captured in this documentary, including @idletheorybus@wheresmyofficenow @irietoaurora@theladiesvan @posiedonsbeard@descendonbend @rockmeetssoil@gnomadhome @go_van_com@youandiandthesky @sammyjsalamanda@tinyhousetinyfootprint and original music in this trailer @dustybootsmusic song ‘Hideaway’ & music in the film by @karriehaywardmusic @mitchking11@adamharpaz @lonesomeshack and @theeveningson. Special thanks to our tireless distributor Fighting Chance Films who is working closely with us and director @jim_lounsbury to make this film available for everyone, everywhere! Film artwork title in this trailer by the man himself @kevcelestino.