Dometic Coolfreeze CFX 28, 26L


If you've ever traveled on a road trip for a few days or a few weeks, you know that eating out gets old and it's nice to have a few snacks on hand. I've tried all sorts of portable coolers that you fill up with ice and it's always been a mess. You have to purchase ice every few days, water leaks into the bottom and often your food spoils. After a few years of doing that, it was time to try a cooler that could keep stuff cold.

Temperature Regulated

One of the coolest things about Dometic products is that it will adjust the temperature of the fridge based on the temperature outside. If it senses the temperature outside is cooling down, it will keep the temperature higher to not draw as much energy. If it senses that the items are not cool enough, it will bring the temperature lower to keep your items from spoiling.



A question I get a lot is what is the best size for one person. In my opinion, the 26L is all you need for a solo experience. I can stock up on two six-packs of beer and have a few food options or I can go light on drinks and fill it with cold food instead. It's helpful to buy salads in plastic bags instead of plastic boxes and to use an egg container as to not squish the eggs and to make more room.


Instant Counter Top

Just a fun added bonus! Not all the coolers I've owned have fit my cutting boards so well. I love taking things out and cutting them on top of the fridge to save space and also make sure I don't keep the fridge open too long as to keep the temperature down.


All in all, I'm pretty happy with this fridge! It's the only thing I'm charging in my van so I'm always very aware of how much energy I'm using and how much my solar panel is taking in. My advice would be to make sure you have a good solar panel and battery setup that will work well with your fridge and to look into that before choosing the best fridge option.

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