Blundstone Boots

Winter is coming in Colorado.

We headed to the mountains this past weekend with the van to get some fresh air and do some exploring. To do this, we teamed up with Zappos to show you #HowIRoam in these Blundstone boots.

As we four-wheeled down back roads, I was reminded that the best destinations are never easy to come by.

When we began our journey, it still felt like summer outside. But when we ended, there was snow scattered on the ground and frost dusted on throughout the treeline.

I hold my boots to a high standard as we don't have much room in our van for more than one pair of a similar item. As you can see, I have already broken them in (quite quickly) wearing them hiking and running behind the van on mountain roads.

This is a pair we're going to have for a while.

If you're looking for a high-quality boot with a lot of kick, this one is for you.