Mountain Standard Utility Packs

When Mountain Standard’s 28-liter backpack and laptop sleeve became available for testing, we jumped on the opportunity. On day hikes, we usually bring a water bottle or just our phones. And when we work remotely, we stuff our computers in any bag we can find to carry them to and from coffee shops. Maybe it was time to see what life would be like if we had ways to transport our valuables.

Mountain Standard 28-Liter Backpack


This pack is designed for quality performance on day hikes and regular daily use. You can substitute this bag as your go-to carry-on item when you fly.

The number one thing I like about this pack is it’s comfortable. And really, you want comfort when you’re going on a long day hike or walking around the airport. This pack’s straps are durable and easy to adjust if needed.

Inside the pack, you’ll find a place to clip your keys and an area to fit your camelback with an opening for the tube to slip through. This same area can also house your laptop and the MS sleeve without taking up too much room. On the side, you’ll find pockets for your water and an outside storage area that’s convenient for small items like your phone, wallet, chapstick, lighter, etc. One of my favorite things about this pack is that the outside zipper areas are great for storage. There’s even a little pocket inside one of them that will help keep items contained that are small.

We like to carry our Biolite Solar Panel 5 wherever we go in case we need a quick charge on the trail. So we were happy to see that we could use the buckles on the outside of the MS pack to securely attach the panel.


If you’re trying to use the bag for anything more than a day hike or some of your personal items, you may be out of luck. This pack is intended for short trips, so you can’t jam items like a sleeping bag in there without running out of room.

Mountain Standard Laptop Sleeve


This sleeve fits easily into the 28L MS backpack and the handle from the sleeve clips into the backpack so that if you turn the pack upside down, your computer won’t fall out. On the outside of this pack is a pocket area that can fit items such as your journal, papers or other small items on the go.

The sleeve is also waterproof and durable.


Fido’s hair may stick to this sleeve as it’s black and a little rubbery on the outside.