CTEK 12V 25Amp MX25 Smart Battery Charger

There’s nothing better than pulling up at a beautiful location, it’s the perfect way to ease into nature and spend time away from the madness that the city offers.


Ash and I live in our home on wheels, Wombok, full time and move around frequently.  We currently have a dual battery set up in our vehicle, which charges up the service batteries while we drive. To keep our batteries at optimal charge while driving, we currently use CTEK’s D250SA 20A DC DC on board battery charger. This has kept the service battery operational for roughly two to three days at a time when stationary. When you are planning on not travelling for a week or more you need another charging option. You can either go for a solar option that trickle charges the service batteries or a battery charger.


 We invested in CTEK’s MXS 25 smart battery charger, which has an impressive output of 25 amps to 12 volt batteries from 40mAh – 500Ah. Bringing your batteries up to optimal functioning capacity, in a tenth of the time solar can.


 CTEK’s MXS 25 smart battery charger eclipses all battery chargers on the market, representing the latest technology out of Sweden. It has a unique reconditioning function that can establish if heavily discharged batteries and old batteries can retain charge and or be restored. The MXS 25 battery charger is designed to diagnose, charge and maintain batteries across the board, including passenger vehicles, caravans, workshops, RV’s, boats, trucks, commercial and heavy machinery vehicles. It’s a serious piece of equipment.


We have our system set up so that when we plug directly into 15amp mains. The power feeds through a 15amp 4 way outlet power board into the MXS 25 smart charger. Once on, the MXS 25 then overrides the D250SA on board battery charger, charging our batteries while the power board distributes the brunt of all 240 volt appliances running (fridge, sewing machine, hot water heater, power points etc) This gives the service batteries a break from output and the MXS 25 can solely focus on charging the batteries until the mains connected to the van are disconnected.

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Once the charger has been set up by an auto electrician, the CTEK charger becomes something you can forget about and simply plug your 15amp lead into the outside of the van when you pull up at a friends place or caravan park. That’s why they call it ‘set and forget’. It is a fail safe and smart addition to the life of your batteries too. Giving them a healthy two to three years longer.


 It is unbelievably easy to understand operation and follow the indication lamps through the charging process on the display. It comes with a temperature sensor, a fully automatic eight step charging process and CTEK’s patented pulse-charging technology which prevents under and over charging while continuously communicating with the battery to charge only when needed. Smart charger huh? It is dust and splash proof, polarity protected and is short circuit proof. Making it the smartest and safest user friend charger on the market with a two year warranty.

CTEK is the most recommended and used battery charger globally and has the backing of leading manufacturers including Mercedes Benz, BMW and Audi. Definitely one of the reasons we were interested in investing in them and are happy living on the road charged up and ready to roll onto the next stop.

Written and published by Jared Melrose, @youandiandthesky, @vanlifediaries

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