I have been looking for an inverter for a long time. I make music, run a website, events, work, collaborate and love to play. Ash designs and makes clothes, laughs lots, and tickles my fancies so choosing an inverter that can help facilitate our joys on the road has been a long time coming.

REDARC, design, develop and research electronic converters and associated products. Being out of Australia, we @vanlifediaries want to support local industry as well as put it up against international competitors to see what floats. We intend to be transparent with what is an efficient and durable, what is cost effective and valuable and what we want to install and advocate. As well as discover what is necessary for our individual needs while on the road.

Firstly, what is an inverter? A power inverter changes 12 volt current (D.C, direct current) into 240 volt current. (A.C alternating current) This is the conventional current you get when you plug into your everyday house hold power point.

Secondly, what is a pure sine wave inverter (PSWI)? A PSWI inverter is a type of inverter that produces a smooth sinusoidal AC wave. As you can see below, the PSW has a continuous, smooth, flowing rhythm. This is more or less what you get in your power point at home, it is also what most household appliances and the latest devices are designed to run on. With the ever increasing sensitivity of modern electronics, appliances are becoming increasingly complex and many simple devices feature advanced microprocessors which require PSW current.  

Picture by Edisons

Picture by Edisons

In contrast to this, the modified sine wave, MSW. Features prolonged highs and lows, including plateaus at zero voltage. If in doubt that your appliance can run on MSW, check with the manufacturer. Using the incorrect wave can cause overheating, damage and shorten the appliance life span.

On appearance, it is a slick piece of equipment. The smooth modern metal casing is a stylish fire truck red and does not pose as an eyesore. It is slim and compact, and can be strategically mounted in or out of sight. We ran a short lead with power board attached which served our electrical needs.

The REDARC 2000W Pure Sine Wave inverter can run everything a house can. We took it on an adventure with Desert Pea Media to collaborate on a music project with the indigenous youth of Wilcannia. Setting up a studio to record on the road, we needed to run microphones, computers, interface, charge multiple cameras, speakers, batteries, UV lights, fans, the fridge and it continuously produced clean current with no signal interference and without overheating or making annoying noises. It is ridiculously easy to set up to the secondary battery, taking all the stress out of any mishaps we may of had whilst being on the set of production. We also trialed the REDARC remote which can conveniently turn the inverter on and off from a distance of over 7 metres.


In saying all of this, it should run without a blink. It comes at a price I would balk at, a cool $2k. Make no mistake though, this inverter will get you the power you need, when you need it. We ran multiple appliances and not once did the secondary cooling fan kick in, it can run at a higher performance level, for longer. Question is, what do you need on the road? 

After arriving back to our destination we set up the projector, sipped on hot chocys, nibbled popcorn and lay under the stars watching Stranger Things.

Under Wollumbin Northern NSW watching Stranger Things.

Under Wollumbin Northern NSW watching Stranger Things.

REDARC is above and beyond when it comes to quality. I have had a REDARC smart start SBI 12V isolator for the past 18 months while living on the road. It is automatic and switches on when the van is running, no manual manipulation and never once has it faulted. REDARC is a brand for those that are serious about living and working on the road. I honestly cannot recommend them enough. We will be fitting out plenty of vans with their goods. If you are planning your fitout or dreaming of your next mobile home REDARC goods can be sourced in Australia and through out Europe. International postage to other continents is also available.

 Pros - 2 year product warranty   

          - Slimline red covering

          - Multi levels of protection (so bozos don’t blow it out)

          - You can take your clothes dryer and microwave with you.

          - Consistent 240V 24/7

Cons  - Over efficient

          - Cannot run a 1980’s welder. 

Choosing an inverter can be confusing, choosing one that suits your needs, will take the load off your mind and keep you doing what you love to do. Put your money in the hands of brands that build respect.



Brand Review

Jared Melrose Campbell

@youandiandthesky @vanlifediaries


Driving home from Wilcannia with Desert Pea Media after another successful project. Thanks REDARC 

Driving home from Wilcannia with Desert Pea Media after another successful project. Thanks REDARC 

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