Mountain Designs: Pro-Elite Transient Gore-Tex C-Knit Jacket

Fulltime Vanlifers/adventurers Jess & Jonny from @rebelonarainbow were excited to gear test a couple of Mountain Designs new Pro Elite Gortex jackets for us. Pics, links and experience below.

Women's MD Pro-Elite Transient GORE-TEX C-KNIT Jacket (Jess' Jacket)

We have been using Gore-tex jackets regularly for the last 5 years whilst camping, hiking & exploring round Australia. So we were super excited to try the new technology Mountain Designs had created and put it to the test! When compared to our existing jackets the Pro-Elite is far lighter which allows better movement especially for hiking. We also gave them a go in the Aussie snow on a warmer day and were really impressed with the breathability of the new material. It's not as rigid or thick as our previous Gore-tex jackets but still holds out the water, wind and moisture from the snow & waterfalls!  It's worth just going into a store and trying the new Pro-Elite on and you will notice straightaway how soft and light it is compared with past designs. More pics of our adventures in the Pro Elite below.

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