Vanlife Gathering #3 Crescent Head

The 3rd Vanlife Gathering was held at Delicate Nobby, Cresent Head, New South Wales, Australia.

Some things are just meant to be.

As soon as we set foot on Waves Campground, we knew we were in the right place. Firstly, Kit, from management was so incredibly helpful. (They had a fire already burning from felled trees and logs to sit on and burn throughout the weekend) We set up camp in a wonderful natural ampitheatre. After a night filled with introductions, reunions and laughter we woke to beautiful clear skies and it was time to hit the Cresent Head beach with the ONEWAVE crew. (ONEWAVE is a non-profit surf community tackling funks like depression, anxiety and bipolar with a simple recipe; salt water, surfing, good mates and Fluro Fridays) The ocean was sparkling under the bright fluorescent surf costumes and smiling faces and the sweet little 2 footers kept rolling through. Before anyone considered paddling in, mother nature cranked up the wonder. A pod of about 30 dolphins came around the headland followed by a pod of 3 whales, riding the waves and breaching some 50 metres from those out in the brimey blue. The smell of salt water was joined with that of a barbeque that ONEWAVE put on for locals and anyone needing some sustenance. On returning to camp, the fire was still ablaze and the vanlife community came together again. The sun hung on the horizon for what seemed an age as Nick and Warren, from YarnSixty Thousand Years introduced us to Auntie Ester and Auntie Gladies for the Dunghutti tribes. (YARN Australia is an organisation that works to create a safe spaces for all Australians to come together using the power of stories to build relationships between Non-indigenous Australians and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people) The Aunties offered freshly baked homemade damper and scones. Graciously digesting we heard stories of heartbreak, joy, Dreamtime and a history not long past. Warren then played us a song and after some group discussion, the Aunties left us feeling enriched, blessed and honoured to have crossed paths. It really is hard to put into words what was shared around the fire that night. We were all changed, is as close as i can get. The moon rose high and while Dusty boots played some chilled tunes, folk danced or chilled by the fire sipping Koala beer. He was then joined onstage by Sam and Jared from The Evening Son and Alistair, Kate, Joel and Jamie got up and had a jam.  The fire burned on and when day broke we made our farewells. Such an amazing weekend. Thanks to all who contributed and collaborated in some way. Your presence is wonderfully valued. We love the growing vanlife community and look forward to our next encounter at the crossroad.


Pictures Below from The Blonde Nomads 

Pictures below from Rebel on a Rainbow