Sam & Amanda

Hey my name's Sam, we're from Newcastle, Australia and this is our 1990 Toyota Coaster!

My friends and I have always been crazy into exploring by means of road-tripping and camping from the minute we were able to drive. We're all like-minded travellers so it was only natural that I was excited by the fact that one day I would get the chance to buy my first car.
We needed something big! Big enough to fit all of us and our surfboards and kayaks and other gear while still being able to have some room to breathe and chill out inside.
One night we saw it sitting in a car yard - the perfect road tripping car! It was previously owned by a circus, drove beautifully, and you only needed a normal car license to drive it! It all just clicked, the next day I owned my first car!
We all got straight into the exciting new project of getting it roadworthy. My girlfriend Amanda, my twin brother Josh and all our friends helped rip out some of the 20 seats, sew curtains, build beds, install a ridiculous stereo and service the engine and we were off and away before we knew it.

Since then we've been up and down the east coast doing all sorts of adventuring, including overnight drives to cover some distance in a weekend, pub and vineyard crawls and even a little off-road exploring in national parks in any free time we have together. Sometimes with our group of friends or sometimes with awesome people we met at parties who felt like packing their things and going exploring the next day!

It didn't really matter, everything is fun and exciting when you drive a big old party bus!

Would definitely recommend a bus as a first car for anyone!
Thanks for reading!