Emma & Ant


In 2015, we moved from London to Melbourne. With an immense desire to see more of the world than the Central Line or the M25, we packed our things & shifted over to the other side of the world.

We travel as much as we can in our ex-rental Troopy. At the same time, we do whatever we can to make the distance between here and the family back home that little bit smaller: we produce short episodes of our travels as we go. Ant's a photographer, musician & all-round nerd, and what started out as little videos for his mum has snowballed into something much bigger.

We've met some amazing people and been to some incredible places so far. We've got big plans for the Troopy - practical, comfortable and mechanical - and even bigger plans for our travels. All signs currently point towards a big Lap of Australia one day.

Feel free to get in touch; if you're ever in the area we'd love to say hello.

In the meantime, thanks for reading. 


Emma & Ant.


Check out this awesome clip introducing what Emma & Ant are up too!