Harrison Storm 'Change It All' World Premiere

We are so excited to share the world premiere release for Harrison Storm's official music film clip for 'Change It All' an amazing song with an incredible film involving a stunning road trip adventure in the van around some of Australia's most spectacular coastline scenery with a few friends. Press play above to watch the full clip & continue reading to get a free download check out our intimate interview with Harrison about his inspirational life & music. 

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How did music become such an important part of your life? 

Songwriting and playing the guitar were things I really loved to do when growing up. But music really started for me when I was about 20. Someone asked me out of the blue to organise some acts every week for an acoustic night that was held in my home town. It turned out to be a really awesome place to try out new songs I was writing and to bounce ideas around to a supportive crowd. A bunch of us became good mates through these nights and being a couple years out of high school, we started to get a taste for adventuring.

Where do you get inspiration from for songwriting and creativity?

Living on the Mornington Peninsula was a big treat for us, it has some truly beautiful beaches and camping spots that inspired us to search for new and beautiful places.  As often as we could we’d strap some boards to the roof and head out to camp and find spots to surf and escape the world for a weekend. The camp fire typically lures out someone with a guitar at night, so we’d end up singing our songs that we’d been working on and give each other pointers on songwriting. Having these sort of moments really inspired my music and gave me the buzz to get my tunes out there.  I decided to quit my job and drop out of uni 3 years ago to take up busking on the streets of Melbourne full time with a good mate of mine, Justin Lewis. Busking lead to many opportunities to travel for gigs and meeting new people and seeing new places.

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What is a highlight of your music life so far?

There is a bunch of highlights of the past few years but one that sticks out for me was supporting one of my favourite Australian acts Husky. I love their music. I’ve also been lucky enough to travel to places all around Australia I wouldn’t have gone if it wasn’t for music. 

Can you share some exciting things on the horizon for you?

I'm heading to the US for the first time in October to play some shows and I'm really excited! Once I'm back from the US I head on tour with Josh Pyke over Nov/Dec for 12 shows around regional Australia. Then I have my EP Launch Tour in early/mid December! Its gonna get really busy soon but I'm really excited. Once I've wrapped up all those shows I'm looking at upgrading my wagon to a van for summer, so if anyone has any recommendations, I'd love to hear them! Hopefully see you all on the road soon & at some of my shows!

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