ESCAPE'ing to the USA on a small budget: Adam & Emma

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From June to August 2017, my partner Emma and I left Australia behind. We packed our lives into a foreign camper van, embarking on a mammoth 7000 Mile ( 11,000 Km) journey through the beautiful coastlines, forests and mountain ranges of the USA/Canada.

After picking up our trusty Escape Campervan ‘Miles’ (appropriately named) in San Francisco, we were on our way!

A few days into the trip, we quickly realised that living the US Vanlife was a very different experience to that of back home. 

So for those thinking of taking the great american road trip, here’s some things we learned that will hopefully prepare you for the adventure.

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Where to Sleep? Rest Stops are your friend!

If you’re on the road and don’t have room in your budget for spending $50 on an RV Park, rest stops are the way to go! There are heaps of them throughout the US, they’re relatively safe, most have free access to toilets/drinking water and some even have spectacular views.

Finding the best spots? Connect with the locals…

This applies to anywhere you travel but the US is a vast place, so to find the hidden gems be sure to connect with the locals! Be friendly with people, ask them their favourite places to go hang out and you might just find somewhere truly special.

Entertaining yourself for penny’s? Hike, Swim and just immerse yourself in nature

The US is blessed with some of the most breathtaking landscapes and coastlines, so explore to your hearts content. Here are a few of our recommendations!

California State Route 1 - This great american highway runs along the pacific coastline and the views are just spectacular. Take your time and appreciate it :)

Olympic Peninsula - This place for me was the most beautiful part of America. It is so raw and untouched. The surf is great (particularly around Hobuck) and there’s a real serenity to it. However, even in summer, be sure to rug up because the nights get cold!

The Grand Canyon - Even in the heat of summer, this place is a must see. It’s just so incredible and your mind wanders across those red rocks. I highly recommend seeing it  before the sunrise as it’s not to hot yet, it’s quiet and you may be the only ones there!

Purchase or Rent a reliable Van!

I think this is so imperative. Along the way, so many of our friends broke down! It’s worth investing in a vehicle that you can rely on so that you can get the most out of your trip.

We were lucky enough that Escape Campervans helped us out with the trip and their vans are so reliable. We literally did not have one problem and the van was so well set up. 

We also got to meet the companies founder Rob Mewton (who is an avid vanlifer himself) and ask the man himself a bunch of questions. See the video below!

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