Escape Campervans Founder: Rob Mewton Interview


Some of our Vanlife Diaries Australian community took the time to interview Rob Mewton (founder of Escape Campervans) while they were exploring America & Canada by van. This video shares how Rob started Escape Campervans in New Zealand and took the adventurous campervan idea to the world.

Interview & video by Emma Pennisi & Adam Harpaz (Vanlife Diaries community members)

Escape Campervans USA was founded in 2009 by Rob Mewton, an entrepreneur/surfer/traveler from New Zealand who made his way to the US and brought a part of his culture with him – campervans. Today Escape Campervans have 10 locations, 500+ vans, and the same adventurous spirit that started this whole journey. 

Jared CampbellComment