What to do after University? Road Trip South America!

My mate Charly and I finished studying engineering after 6 long years and decided to go on an adventure in our Continent, we are both Chileans! We bought a Hyunday H1, year 2002, and built our home inside, it was great!! We started in Santiago, Chile, to San Pedro de Atacama. Then we crossed to Bolivia were we visited Salar de Uyuni, Potosí, La Paz, Lake Titicaca, beatiful landscapes! The trip continued to Perú, we crossed it complete from south to north, visited a lot of natural places and cities, great highways, jungle and beautiful beaches! The next country on our trip was Ecuator, the green country, were we went to awesome beaches, like Montañita, and a perfect experiences in the jungle. Finally, we got to Colombia, also a great place for adventures, landscapes and perfect beaches.

The best of the trip was always the southamerican people!! Everybody was great with us, and we met a lot of nice people! Its a must do way of traveling if you came to South America!

Our Van finally died in Ecuator, and we had to sell it :(

Thanks bro!!

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