Mini Van Gathering with Joey & Brook: Melbourne Vanlifers

With like minded van and nature lovers we decided to have our own mini gathering to kick off Melbourne Vanlifers!

I just bought my  1990 T3 Vw after needing an upgrade from my other van, which was featured on your site. My friend Brook ( brookjames_ ) has been an amazing help. He has really gotten me addicted to the Vanlife, he is a seasoned outdoor campervaner (is that even a word?) and has a show worthy VW t3 . He also took all the photos of our latest trip included in this feature, and is an amazing photographer. I hit him up with  millions of van questions and he answers them with patience. Thats the main thing i have found with VW guys. They are so willing to help. I have had to do some modifications to my new van and the amount of people willing to give advice and help out is astounding.  i joined the www.Kombiclub.comforums and the Van wisdom on there is astounding. People are just thrilled you have a campervan and are really taking advantage of life. It is a lifesaver having the pop top when camping, being able to cook whilst standing up makes a world of difference.

I enjoy taking the drone on camping trips, as it can really show how amazing the Australian landscape can be. From filming the vans to panning up to the bushland is so rad. Im far from a film maker but its still fun to mess around with.

Our first trip together had 3 vans and we all had a ball. Myself and Jess (@jessie_jean ) in our T3 and also our dear friend josh ( @charliethecarry ) who has a  tiny Suzuki, with a full bed and kitchen in there. Then Brook and Brit  ( @bhazelh ) in there epic t3.. We are planning more and more and really keen to make some cool things happen in Melbourne for people who share the same common interest in enjoying the outdoors in a van. Its pretty simple really.

I have just purchased a projector and screen for our next camp so we will have an outdoor cinema set up to add some more fun to already epic times with good mates. 

We started a Melbourne Vanlifers facebook page. Hit us up and keep in touch for some more camping trips in the future. 


Word & Clips by joey: @doddfathers

 Photographer: Brook james: @brookjames_