Kyle & Jodie

One of my favorite things about these stories is the ripple effect they have on people throughout the world. Three years ago, I met Kyle through mutual friends when I was living in a camper trailer outside of Denver. We shared our love of photography and travel, and discussed how we could make it a full-time career. Now, Kyle, his partner Jodie, and their three dogs are living in a renovated 1955 Flying Cloud Airstream, and have found a way to make their passions sustainable.

I've been a photographer for the past decade mostly shooting weddings. I wanted to shoot in more than just one state, so I didn't charge to travel for a while. Driving across the country back and forth with my German Shepherd, Kashia, was invigorating and adventure inspiring. I loved camping along the way in my rooftop tent on fire trails and in national parks, and I would even make coffee at the rest stop at 10 p.m. so that I could keep driving another four hours.

It was during that time that I realized how much I loved to travel.

The only problem was figuring out how to stop paying $1,000/month for rent in Denver. At this point, I was only “home” six times a year for roughly a couple weeks at a time. I decided to move out of my apartment, threw my belongings into a friend’s garage and set out on the road without a place to call home. Thinking hard about how I was going to feed my travel lust even more, I had the idea to buy a teardrop trailer, van or even an Airstream (but at the time, an Airstream seemed far-fetched).

While I was in California shooting an engagement session (during which I thought I was only going to be in town for one night), I ended up getting on Craigslist and searching and reaching out to people selling Airstreams. I woke up the next day with some replies and thought, "Why not?" Three days later, I'm dragging—quite literally—a 1955 Flying Cloud Airstream with completely dry-rotted tires back to Colorado to be renovated.

I've been living out of my sweet silver bullet for the past two years shooting all over the states and internationally in Greece, Germany, Ireland, Puerto Rico and Hawaii.   

My work in photography has morphed to include not only weddings, but also outdoor and lifestyle photography. I've been shooting for GRAYL, a water purifying bottle for the past year now, and I've been getting into the outdoor-product photography world.

My photography career is now taking me places like Ireland, Vietnam, and coming up in a couple days, Colombia. And to make matters better, while I was in Vietnam, I met someone who's crazier than me, Jodie Morse.

At the time, she was living out of her rooftop tent with her two dogs. Jodie does photography for outdoor companies such as adidas TERREX, Thule, Hinterland Industries Tents and GRAYL.

Seven months later, we’re both living out of and traveling in the aforementioned 140-square-foot Airstream with three dogs.
We’re constantly hopping around the states, sharing our photography knowledge with each other and taking over the world one campsite at a time.

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Produced & edited by Kathleen Morton of Tiny House, Tiny Footprint.
Photos courtesy of Kyle Murphy.