Blue Moon: Romania

Vanlife Diaries from Romania!


Viktoria - 26, Fashion and Design student, Vienna based, puppy lover

Michael - 28, law degree, sports student, van owner, sports addicted

Austrians by passport and earthlings by heart.

To cut a long story short: we bought a van and started to live our dream.

Michael finished his law studies in Graz/Austria and bought a van. Bluemoon is a VW California T4, 1999 with a pop up tent for sleeping, a gas cooker, a fridge and a water tank - it has all the essentials for a happy vanlife. To make it a little bit cozier we changed the colors of the cabinets, bought a rug, a plant and some stuff for cooking. But usually we like to have less stuff and having more space for things we love.

Our roadtrip started in Austria, we crossed Italy, enjoyed the ocean along the Cote d’ azur, drove down the west coast of France, and along the north shore of Spain. We made it to the west coast of Portugal and at the end to the Algarve. The trip was about surfing, eating, drinking, about having time for things we love and about working less and living more.

In September 2016 Viktoria studied at the UAD (Universitatea de arte si design) in Cluj-Napoca so I started the Romania roadtrip with Viktoria’s cousin and her boyfriend from Austria, through Hungary to Romania. We picked up Viktoria in Cluj and visited the Salina Turda which was absolutely beautiful!  Sibiu, Brasov, Transfagarasan road, Prahova. On the way we did a lot of hiking and we enjoyed the wild nature of Romania.

We were so lucky to had the chance to drive the Transfagarasan pass road. By far the greatest experience. We enjoyed some calm days at the Balea Lac in the snowed covered mountains, did sunrise hikes, made many dog friends and tasted the world famous Tsuika (best snaps in the world) ;)

We cannot put in words how warm hearted and friendly romanian people are (at least those we have met). On the one side seeing so many poor people and so much poverty on the country side broke our hearts. On the other side we cannot believe how welcoming the romanians are - overwhelmed by there mentality, culture and way of life.

Wild nature - perfect for hikers, climbers and campers. To experience Romania in fall with the changing leaves was breathtaking. As Austrians we are definitely  spoiled but nothing compares to the color change of the leaves in Romania.

Old cities - Sighisoara, Sibiu, Brasov.

Warm hearted people - we couldnt get enough from talking to locals. Well they talked romanian to us and we didnt understand (haha) but we definitely felt the love.

For vanlifers and campers Romania has everything you need: wild nature, camping spots everywhere, helpful people, delicious food - even vegetarians won’t starve ;)

The roads are bumpy and it will take you quite a time to reach from one city to the next. But take your time and soak up every second of this beautiful country.

We are hungry for adventure, for new countries, cultures and people. Traveling is our passion, it’s what we live for and we can do best. Ist’ not always easy to be stucked on 7m^2, not understand what the people are trying to tell you, to get lost in the dark, to get stuck in the snow or to have a broken van in the middle of nowhere but let us tell you - its definitely worth it.

Start living your dream, start today - do not wait for tomorrow, next week or the best moment. Life is short - start living

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