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    The Decision to            Wander 


Over a year ago we were driving through the streets of Manly when Aaron asked whether I would ever want to travel around Australia long term instead of just two weeks here and there.

I’d never really thought about it, but how could I say no. A couple of days later, Aaron was researching different vans and what would suit us best.

We ended up with our safe haven, the Mercedes Sprinter Van- MWB.

We could not of survived the trip without having our high roof, it prevented many arguments and sore backs as well as giving us loads of storage.

Aaron had just finished studying before the trip began while I was still in the middle of my course,

so I opted for studying by distance and learning from the road for the next 5 months.

Being a Picean, we chose to travel around the coastline of QLD, NSW and VIC and had everything needed for our little home to function, bar the toilet.

We spent our days dependent on mother nature. Rainy days were filled with seasons of suits, burning popcorn and water colouring as we tried to discover our creative side.

Every other day was spent at the beach, collecting shells, searching for nearby waterfalls and rock pools and exploring the town.

Learning Curve

We learnt so much about each other being squished into our little home.

I learnt that Aaron can be a little impatient, a perfectionist and is a fussy eater.

I did learn quite a bit about myself too; you can’t talk to me when the temperature is over 30 degrees, I haven't showered in more than a few days and I am a control freak.


On a positive note, we learnt we could be together every day for 5 months without wanting to leave the other at a petrol station!

We love to spend our days in crystal clear water and we both enjoy spending the day with that free ocean view…. unbeatable.

We both want to explore the rest of Australia and what it has to offer.

We don't want to have a routine life, spending our years working a 9-5 job trying to earn as much $ as we can just to take ourselves on a holiday for 5 days and then it be over.

We want to go wandering the world in our little van.

When and if the time comes to be big adults, we have the ability to go away for weekend trips to continue our exploring.

Until then, we will be planning our next road trip for WA and SA.

The Build 

Aaron kept most of the receipts from the build to help give people an idea of how much a build similar to ours would cost.



100-amp deep cycle batteries x2

Red Arc Controller

1000-watt A/C inverter

Caravan charger


150-watt solar panels x2

Total $1985.30


Main Build:

7 mm Structural CD plywood for roof & walls

19 mm Structural CD plywood for floor

12 mm Structural CD plywood for drawers, cupboards, pantry, shelves, bedframe

Vinyl flooring (Colour: Lifestyle Timber Clear)

Insulation (Brand: EARTHWOOL – R2.0)

Marine carpet (Colour: Top Deck Grey)

Kitchen bench top

Drawer Slide (Brand: King slide)

Barrel bolt locks (Brand: Zenith)

Screws – stainless steel

Hinges (Brand: Prestige)

Total $2309.07



2 - burner (HOB) sink combo

Vertical slide window

Roof top fan / air vent

70 Litre water tank (Fiamma)

12 volt water pump (SHURflo) DON’T RECOMMEND - pump turns on when not in use at 15 sec. intervals

Copper tap

Engel fridge

Total $1640.68


Produced by Sam Peterson- VANLIFE Australia sammyjsalamanda
Photos & Story courtesy of Soph and Aaron.

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