Giulia, Peco & Serena: GPS

"Hi! We are three 21-year-old friends from Italy, three free spirits with a huge passion in common: travelling. GPS is composed by Giulia (G of "GPS"), Giulia called "Peco" and Serena. Giulia and Serena are attending the school of Medicine in Udine. Peco is a vet student in Padova. 

We can’t say exactly how the idea of this adventure came out. So many evenings, so many nights were spent dreaming about leaving our cities and going backpacking without a precise plan. We knew that our dream would have certainly become true, sooner or later, but we would have never imagined that it would happen so soon. Above all, not with a hippie minivan nicknamed Barone Rosso Rampante – Red Rampant Baron, BRR for friends -- to accompany but primarily to allow our adventure. BRR is an 80's westfalia van that Peco's parents bought for passion some years ago and we fell in love with it. 

So, after another year spent studying, a summer full of exams, we decided leaving for the first time. 

Where could we go? Italy. Our Country, the “Bel Paese” where we were born, where we built our lives and where we hope to stay.

The most stereotyped Country, the most desired Country from people all over the world, we have it under our feet. Mountains, seas, flat lands, hills and cities that can arise unique emotions with their history, art, perfumes, flavours and traditions, with their magic atmosphere and a welcoming spirit that has always characterized Italy and Italian people.

We decided to start with the beautiful Tuscany, the region that inspired us the most, that remained in our hearts thanks to previous travels, where we were looking forward to going back. 

This experience has been amazing thanks to the wonderful places we visited and to some people that hosted us in their campings. As a matter of fact we slept near other vanlifers and we ate barbecued vegetables, eggs, bread outside in nature. 

As all vanlifers know, during the travel there can be some problems and we really had some but we have been helped by lots of kind people we met on our way. 

Now we are studying in our cities and during the year we are only waiting for September to come, when exams will be done and it will be time to leave and explore some new places. Which will be the next?"

Follow along with our adventures

Thanks for sharing! Giulia, Peco & Serena

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