Micko & Sally

Meet Micko and Sally and their van Terry the transit.

Two years ago Micko and Sally were on a cross road in their lives, with Micko having just finished his electrical apprenticeship and sally beginning teaching in their local town of Port Augusta they both thought about the idea of buying a house and focusing in on their careers but there was one other option that was biting at their heels like a little puppy. That was, to buy a van and deck it out to their style and take off on a yearlong adventure. These two realized after a quick summary of their two options that it was a no brainer and they quickly started their search for the perfect van.

Along came Terry, Terry is a 2004 Mid Roof – Long Wheel Base - Ford Transit. Over the space of the next year Micko and Sally would spend every Sunday and even a few Saturdays decking out Terry to suit their style and needs. A permanent bed was a must, which created plenty of storage underneath and a very handy position for the fridge but the highlight of this fit out has to be the kitchen. This kitchen really brings this van together and gives a very homely feel. With Micko being quiet the handy man, he was able to do just about all of the fit out himself with only having to call in a friend to connect the gas cooktop.

Micko and Sally are now just over one month into their yearlong trip around Australia. From Port Augusta they have made their way through the Eyre Peninsula, crossed the Nullabor and made their way into the pristine south coast of Western Australia. Hoping to last as long as possible off their savings this couple are already loving the freedom of the open road. They are taking full advantage of this by exploring new beaches everyday and meeting new Vaners along the way.

If you happen to come across Terry and his owners don’t be afraid to say hello or just send them a big wave.

Edited by Sam Walklate