French couple exploring Europe by Van: TECAP


When a french couple (Pib & Stef) decide to leave everything (except their cat, Minette !), buy a truck and transform it as a (cosy) home, TECAP is born!

Feeling that the "standard life" was not for us, we started looking for a different way of life, to explore a part of our world, to feel free, to meet people & open our mind.

This trip is amazing, we enjoy every moment, place, feeling.

Why did you two decide to hit the road?

We were happy in Nantes, we had a nice life but we felt that this was not "real" life. Working, buying things, only Time for 2 weeks of holidays a year. We wanted something else. To take the time to Travel, discover other cultures, other ways of life & live differently. So we bought a truck and built our home by ourselves! We left our jobs, apartment and decided to do a road trip for one year with our cat!

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What have been some highlights of your adventures so far?

We have discovered little villages which are isolated where people still continue to work their garden manually, they seem to have nothing but there were looking so happy... We have learned that we do not need so many things (Big house, Big car, Big TV..) to feel Happy.

We discovered a LOT of beautiful places and it is so cool to go out & explore on the road! Our top 4 would be : lac konigsee and the ice falls, Dubrovnik and the North coast (presqu'île de Peljesac), Arousa island and a place totally wild, on the beach, after Valencia, near Peniscola

We also meet a lot of people (locals and vanlifers) and it is great to talk about our adventures  share stories. It makes this adventure more beautiful.

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What have been some challenges of living on the road?

We thought that it will be complicated to find places to park to sleep, to find water, to live in a 5m2 Space but it is so easy, comfortable! 

Two things are a little difficult :

Shower, especially for Stef and her long and wild hair!!

To be 2, most of the time. Not so easy to live 24/24 7/7 together!!

Do you earn money or work whilst you are travelling? How do you survive financially on the road?

We saved money before we left so we use this money to finance this year. We are reasonable and we do not spend so much money.

What do you love most about road tripping?

The FREEDOM !!! This feeling is priceless. If we love a place, we stay, if not we move! So easy!! 

Meeting people is also something that we love so much.

And our cat..! She used to live in an apartment, never wanted to go outside. And now, she is totally free (no leash) and she explores the World with us! Her wild instinct came back quickly, she hunts lizards & mice!!!

What is your next adventure?

After this experience, we want to live close to nature, have a garden, grow our own vegetables, maybe create an ecological project.. we have a lot of ideas!! And of course, continue to Travel with Alfred our new mobile home..!! Follow along & keep in touch with TECAP on the links below!

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