Yoav: Fine Woodwork & Vanlife

So, after almost a month since starting the Luton Conversion main work is sort of finished and I'm officially van dwelling for the last week down in southwest England,  in a beautiful woodland where I'm teaching a bowl turning course using greenwood working methods this week.

The conversion was made entirely by me with some help from good and skilled friends. 
Costs until now are 700GBP, using mostly reclaimed wood and bits... not including the van cost. 

My plan is to stay around England for the next month teaching and learning, deepening my skills and by that finishing a full year dedicated entirely for that while travelling with my tool bag and rucksack. 

Then start travelling south towards the main land of Europe and find a nice warm spot near the beach for the winter while trying to maintain my work flow of selling my handcraft and teaching greenwood working.  Now possible with the van that has storage space for all my tools and pole lathe .

I sell while travelling threw my online shop -

Take care and happy days!  

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