Emma & Danny

My name is Emma I'm 25, a circus performer & fitness coach. Danny is 33, a musician, vlogger and American. We first met whilst we were both working on a Cruiseship out of Sydney and knew it was love at first sight.

We had been in Brisbane since Christmas waiting for Danny's permanent visa to be approved and so being the adventurous souls we thought better make the most of it and so after not much deliberation we made a plan to travel around the country. 

Originally we were just going to take my brothers Nissan Nivara as our vehichle but as the leaving date neared closer we thought we might just 'look' into a motorhome/camper/van to take us on this epic trip. In 2014 we bought an RV in America and took her across the country and travelled through 33 states in total. So we have had previous experience living the nomadic lifestyle and we love it!

We spotted Olive on Gumtree and instantly fell in love. Her original name was Betty, but we thought that a new name was in order seeing as she now had new owners and was about to embark on a new adventure.

Olive is a 1973 Bedford Motorhome with a brand new engine and she has been fully renovated inside.

Even though we bought her and she was in very good condition, there were still a few changes we wanted to make in order to truly make her ours.

I have really bad allergies and so we had to completely steam clean all the upholstery, make new curtains, buy a new fridge, put a storage box (for Danny's music equipment... Speakers etc.) and bike rack on the back. Plus we decided to put some money into the mechanical side of things just to make sure she would take us around the country.

People don't realise how much money, time and effort you actually have to put into owning a vehichle like this... Especially an older one that has little quirks like Olive.

We started in Brisbane and headed south first. Hitting the Gold Coast, Byron Bay and down to Newcastle. Everyone was amazed that we were heading south first but Danny has some weddings in the NSW hinterland that he is playing at and so we have to be there on those dates. We are currently in Batemans Bay heading towards Melbourne.

I plan to teach workshops and classes along the way, plus help Danny sell his Merchandise which helps fund our adventures.

Thankyou for taking the time to read about Olive and our adventures.

Happy Travels!

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