Jude & Yadi

You might remember my interview from December with Jay, a man who lives in a Matchbox Tiny House in Boneyard Studios. I asked him for recommendations of other tiny dwellers, and he, surprisingly, suggested his sister. Jay's sister Jude doesn't just live small like other people I feature here; she embraces it. She has lived in several tiny structures for the past seven years, including a yurt, cabin, dome and now, a school bus.

The community Jude lives in is fascinating. She and her partner Yadi are part of an income-sharing intentional community called East Wind. The community supports each other through two industries: East Wind Nut Butters and Utopian Rope Sandals. Their work is busy and everyone reaps the benefits.

This interview is unique, not only because of the structure this couple lives in, but also for the story about the people who live in it.

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