Marcus & The Life of Balu

I am Mogli, in real life they call me Marcus and I am 30 years old.
October last year; one of my biggest dreams finally became a reality. After many years of looking around for the right one, I found an amazing Volkswagen bus! (a 30 year old LT28 to be exact) I fell in love at the very first moment. His name is Balu and quickly we became the best friends in the world. After some time he told me all about his biggest dream, the adventure of a lifetime. Unfortunately, mostly because of the calm nature of Balu’s previous owners, his dream always stayed a dream, until now. 

Our adventure will bring us through Eastern Europe, the Balkan and finally up to Sweden to fullfill our biggest dream - we want to see the Northern Lights.
And because it is too boring being alone on the road, we want to take you with us! We want you to feel the free spirit and the fresh breeze of air while you put your head out of Balu's window. Because of this we will create the Van-Lifestyle Documentary Film 'Life of Balu' for you. 
On you can go on the adventure with Balu & Mogli.

Our route:

BALU is a 1986 Volkswagen LT28.

By his previous owner the interieur was built for living just in this van. He’s equipped with a livingroom, a kitchen, a bathroom, a bedroom and of course the drivers cabin.
But Balu is not made to drive fast. There were only 85.000 kilometers on the engine (his second one) when he became Mogli’s friend. This new motor provides him with 75 bhp, which makes Balu weigh around 3000 kg. But this is totally enough to get from A to B.

Balu is definitely not a race car. It’s all about lifestyle, freedom, happiness, satisfaction, …

How do we survive on the Road!?
That is a very good question. First of all I saved a bit of money while I was working in Switzerland the last winter. Second of all; If the money is over I will have to work on the way to so on travelling with Balu. I do artwork which always brings a little amount of money in my pockets. 
And the third way is our KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN for the LIFE OF BALU Documentary.

Where does the money from the Kickstarter goes!?
When (not if) the goal is reached, we’ll be able to purchase the necessary material and close the necessary deals. All of the money received from KICKSTARTER will return to you in some way; either directly (in the movie, the rewards and karma) or indirectly (in the movie production, our shared happiness and the feeling of being in Balu’s family). First of all, and most importantly for the project itself, we will need the equipment to make the movie. We’ll need proper camera’s (plus accessories), audio recording devices (plus accessories), high end editing and audio software and help of technicians. Besides this, we’ll also need to buy professional support and rights to filming certain shots and using music. Secondly, another extremely important part for the movie, we’ll need to hire local help on several destinations on the road, including park rangers and passes, services and repairs to Balu (hopefully he won’t need much of this, but remember, Balu is a 30 year old bus) and road passes. The last part of the funding will be returned to you directly, in the form of the rewards. This includes all production, packaging, transport and design costs.

 Here is my website for you to keep in touch as well.

Send you good vibes