Nathan, Renee, Tristan, Winter & Wylder

This story comes to us from Tiny House, Tiny Footprint.

Roll with Nathan, Renee, Tristan, Winter & Wylder of Wand'rly

When I talk to other people about living on the road, a lot of them say, "Sure, that works when you're traveling with one other person, but is it really sustainable when you start a family?" Leave it to Nathan & Renee and their three children to tell you it's possible.

Nathan and his oldest son Tristan started living small in 2008 in an older Class C RV. Nathan thought it was too big, so they went and found a VW Bus in Colorado. At the same time, Nathan was starting to date Renee. They'd been friends in college, but their lives had taken them in different directions for about eight years. Nathan went to see her thinking it would just be catching up, but he realized quickly how much in love with her he still was. A few months later, he convinced her to hop into the bus with Tristan and him.

They eventually got the Airstream when it became evident that a little VW bus wasn't going to be big enough for them. Now, three years later, they're back in that bus. They plan to travel for at least four months and then see where life takes them.

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