Hey! My name is Cody, I'm 22 and live in Northern Kentucky.

I recently (last weekend) seeked out and accomplished purchasing a 1997 Toyota Previa All trek (awd) yeah, I know. Pretty amazing, right? haha

I've been in the van market for a good while now, and settled on the Previa because it had everything I could imagine I wanted for my travels. I've been around the U.S., and plan to go to even more places in the upcoming years—north and south U.S.

I found out about VanLife today actually. Looked you guys up immediately, and came across your Instagram page. I would love to represent you guys and join the movement.

People look at my van and see an old, ugly, seafoam green Toyota van, and all i can see is freedom and beauty. So I'm so happy to find more people like myself that share not only a passion for adventuring out, but the van life in general.

I would love to get a meet together, and when I venture out with the van, I will send you guys some pictures. I love to write also, especially about the trips I take.

Also, one more thing, do you guys have any stickers? The van has acquired some stickers, and it's starting to become a collection. I would love to represent the vanlife through any form. Thanks for looking!