Hi there, my name is Gerrit. I'm a photographer and writer living in Berlin, Germany, and only a fairly recent convert to the vanlife. Until a few years ago, I had never even so much as tried it, and hence had no idea what a great way to travel it is. My then-new girlfriend convinced me to give it a shot, in a borrowed VW T4 in Portugal, and I was smitten right away. I had to get my own van.

I found a 1981 Mercedes 508, and converted it into a camper. A bedframe made of wood, storage, a stove, and water, and a fridge, and we were ready to go. Super gemütlich. We love to take our blue friend out on European road trips in Summer, down to Spain and France to go surfing, and just enjoying that mode of travel. The bus's cruising speed is some 85Km/h, so you better not be in a hurry.

I love meeting and chatting with other vanlifers, it's always interesting and rewarding.



Here is a clip I made from a road trip from Berlin to Galicia: