Name: Ryleigh Denis

Email Address: ryleighdenis101@gmail.com

Subject: 6 month van life trip

Message: me
Hi, we are Ryleigh and Bronwen!
We are two lovers from Edmonton Alberta, Canada who purchased a 1982 VW westfalia campervan to help make our dreams come true! Bronwen is an Occupational Therapist ( taking a 6 month leave from her job) and Ryleigh is a Community Aide for people with special needs!( just quitting job and figuring it out once we're back home). We have put our van in storage in Portland and plan on picking it up beginning of January via Bronwen's dad driving us there. We plan on spending a lot of time in California/Mexico/Vancouver Island and lots of other places that we will decide along the way. We are skateboarders so we plan on going to every skate park and volunteering on a lot of Organic farms ( we have an account on Wwoofing!). We love making videos so we will probably be making weekly videos of our trip and have a blog to tell people about our adventures! We also have a mission getting pictures of our van next to all of the worlds weird largest monuments in small towns so that will help us see all the small towns we wouldn't have probably wouldn't have chosen to go to (she has already seen the World's Largest Mushrooms, the World's Largest Dragonfly and a Giant Peach, to name a few!). We are beyond excited since this trip starts in 2 months and want to show people how we are living our dream life preparing for our trip. We have an instagram account and we post pictures of VW's we see and our van Buttercup on all her adventures... but sadly since she is in Portland for time being we have been posting old pictures of her and vans we saw on all our adventures over the summer. Above is our Youtube video of us putting our van into storage and our instagram is @Buttercupandfriends

Thank you for taking time to read this! Hopefully meet some of you on the road soon!

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