Buslife Short & Sweet

We are two travel loving, back country camping, dune hiking Michiganders that have spent the last three months converting our short bus into a rustic house on wheels. Birdie's a 1992 24' International and saw her first Mountains last summer when we took her out to Telluride for some Colorado adventures. Now that she's been converted it's a whole new experience and we are so excited to check out the east coast. We left this afternoon on our maiden voyage in the new digs along side our dear friends @fernthebus and are stopping at Mammoth Caves before heading to Asheville, NC. We left with the mindset to live simply and bring only the essentials. All we really need is a warm fire and friends to share it with, but a comfy bed and home cooked breakfast in the morning is nice too:)

Follow along with Matt and Emily and learn more about what it's like to live in a bus click below:

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