Vanlife in a winter wonderland - Iceland

Winter time in Iceland is hard. You get storm after storm covering everything in snow, occasionally closing roads and blowing roofs off houses. The sun barely comes above the horizon and daylight is around 4-5 hours a day. As a surfer in Iceland you try to take advantage of the winter and chase down storms to find waves, when the summer sets in there are no such things as storms and the ocean goes to sleep. Many years apart thinking about the same thing, Elli Thor and I finally shared the idea of the perfect surf, 4x4 off-road, winter, adventure mobile and a few weeks in we found just what we were looking for. This 1987 Mercedes Benz beast of a camper! This was our first surf trip with the camper and our minds were blown away on how much better adventuring just got. 

Written by Heiðar Logi

Photos by Elli Thor

Jared CampbellComment