5 months Vanlife holiday in Europe

My wife and i are currently Vanning it across Europe in our trusty transit. The only thing planned is our flight home to New Zealand at the start of October.

We picked up the van after a 9 hour bus ride from London to Edinburgh (horrible + we were about 5 seconds away from missing the bus) and there our adventure began. 

First thing you notice looking at our van is it has a checkered roof and checkered lino on the floor (i assume the previous owner loved to play chess), It has a makeshift bed which we can sleep width-ways in the van which is amazing leaves plenty of space for cooking and living. After a couple of days most of the doors on the van stopped working, i can no longer open the drivers side door or the sliding door. One of the hinges on the back door broke off the first time we opened it so it's interesting times but we are managing just fine.

The freedom (stealth) camping has been amazing, we haven't yet payed a single nights accommodation always finding free spots to camp up next to the beach, free car parks or in amazing forests. 

The south of France is next level beautiful, the Rhône-Alpes blew our minds. The tiny towns, tiny roads and tiny glasses of beer made it definitely somewhere i would return to in the future. Saint-Pierre on the south coast of France was another spot we camped up for a few days swimming in the Mediterranean, going to markets and walking to massive waterholes.  In Barcelona we discovered the beauty of bicycles. We purchased a couple cheap ones from the road side in France for 8 Euro and they are amazing! We parked just down from main beach in Barcelona (just fitting under the 'no campervan' height restrictions on entry. We camped up for a fews days and just did bike missions into town and down to the other beaches, eating gelato, drinking sangria, exploring the non tourist parts of town. 

We then drove 14 hours cross country to Nazare, Portugal. One of our goals for the trip was to stay off the motorways and toll roads. Our trusty 'Here Maps' keeps us on the country roads which go through all the small towns which is awesome, sometimes stopping to have a kick at the local footsal pitch or fill our water bottles at the town wells. 

Nazare was epic, so nice up the top of the hill away from the tourist hustle and bustle. Seeing where the big waves come in was pretty surreal also. 

Keep in touch and follow the rest of our adventures!

Jono & Annie