Vanlife is bringing me back to balance

Today we can choose to live in a temperature-controlled home with hot running water, fuzzy
carpet, porcelain poopers, and your very own dishwasher. All of this comes with a price tag though, and not just a numerical one. We don’t need any of these things. Many of us are raised believing that we do, but it’s all extra. What if we chose not to pay for the comforts and conveniences? What if we would rather opt out of a traditional “home” and spend our resources in other ways?

This is where myself and my boyfriend (as well as many others across the globe) find ourselves
at this point in our lives. As we become more conscious of how our resources are expended, we are searching for different, more economical ways of living that allow us to do what we love more often. Casey and I are going on a full year of living in our camper van and are about to take on a Colorado winter. Why would we want to do this? As the cold creeps in at night and I start sleeping in my socks, I have been contemplating that question more. What is it about living in our van that is…well, so good?

To be honest, I have been thinking about this for a few months now. At first, I started
a list of all of the reasons why I love van life, but it seemed redundant to what I and others have
already written. So I thought a little harder. And the other day it all came full circle, all of my
answers added up: living in our van for a year has brought me back to balance in my life. It is the
remedy to a distracted life with too much convenience and waste; it simplifies everything. 

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