Calling all vanlife photographers


We're working with a publisher on a book called Vanlife Diaries and we'd like to request your photos be included in our book! Please send us between 15-20 images that capture parts of your lifestyle (working, playing, being in nature or interior details in your tiny home). We'd love if you could name files with your InstagramHandle_FileNumber (i.e. VanlifeDiaries_1). Images must be AT LEAST 300 dpi at 100% or original size (not upsized). We accept .tiffs, .psds, .eps, and .ai’s. We DO NOT accept .png’s or jpeg’s. Please upload your photos to Dropbox or Google Drive.

We need to have all photographs delivered by Jan. 10. Please send an email to with a link to your photos and an attached signed photo release form.

Thank you!

Vanlife Diaries Team

Kathleen, Jonny + Jared