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Lisa Miriam Jacobs

Lisa is the creator of Vacay Vans, where she documents her journey as a solo traveler living full-time in her 2012 Nissan NV2500 named Freebird.  Lisa is a lawyer, serial entrepreneur, and writer.  She hopes to inspire others to follow their dreams and join the alternative living movement.  Her vanlife mantra is "say yes" and this free-spirited mentality has resulted in magical experiences on the road.

Hang with Lisa for good times, deep talks, and making authentic connections within this incredible vanlife community!

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Kit Whistler & J.R. Switchgrass

Kit Whistler and J.R. Switchgrass are the dynamic duo behind Idle Theory Bus, a website and community of dreamers who seek idleness, or time spent doing nothing. They hit the road full time in 2012, seeking more idle time, and they’ve been living in the wild spaces of America in their VW bus Sunshine ever since. 

Kit is a writer, cartoonist, and lover of birds. JR is a photographer and videographer who specializes in documentary shorts set in the outdoors. Together, they make art that reflects the truths they find as they wander through the states, the mountain highs and Grand Canyon lows. For further reading, check out their coauthored book, Orange is Optimism, published in 2016.

Join this these two seekers on a wild journey over land and through the mind, on a quest for sanity, a healthy dose of optimism, and a good stretch of idleness. 

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