Kathleen Morton

Kathleen is co-founder of Vanlife Diaries and founder of Tiny House, Tiny Footprint. She started living small in a 1969 camper trailer as an affordable housing option and as a way to reduce her environment impact. Now she has a 1987 Toyota van that she converted into an off-grid adventure mobile.

Hang with Kathleen as she shares stories of others living this lifestyle and organizes van gatherings in the U.S.

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Noami & Dustin Grevemberg

Dustin and Noami are the co-creators of Irie to Aurora where they document their journey as eco-conscious digital nomads living and traveling in their ’85 Westy called Irie. They are also sustainability consultants and the founders of Cacti and Coconuts, a social media community and blog sharing tips, advice, and inspiration for sustainable + ethical living.

Reach out to Dustin and Noami to share stories from the road and find out how they’re learning to blur the line between work and play.  

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Lisa Miriam Jacobs

Lisa is the creator of Vacay Vans, where she documents her journey as a solo traveler living full-time in her 2012 Nissan NV2500 named Freebird.  Lisa is a lawyer, serial entrepreneur, and writer.  She hopes to inspire others to follow their dreams and join the alternative living movement.  Her vanlife mantra is "say yes" and this free-spirited mentality has resulted in magical experiences on the road.

Hang with Lisa for good times, deep talks, and making authentic connections within this incredible vanlife community!

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Amanda Winter & Matt Swartz

Amanda and Matt co-created The Van Project, a social media community and blog offering photography, travel advice, stories & tips for everyone from weekend-warriors to full-time nomads. They love backpacking and rock climbing, and are currently living/working on the road in their 1964 Clark Cortez motorhome.

Chill with Amanda and Matt around the campfire and recount your most epic adventures!

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Matthew Hickey

Matthew is the owner/founder of Be Kind Vibes, an ecofriendly clothing brand that creates ethically made apparel for the Conscious Adventurers. Matthew is currently on the road with his dog Byron in their 1969 VW Westy named Woodstock/The Mobile Inspiration Station. The two of them are inspiring the Be Kind Vibes message of kindness, compassion, and connection while cultivating a growing community of Conscious Adventurers. 

Reach out to Matthew to connect on the road, and share your story about what it means to you to be a Conscious Adventurer :-) "  

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Julien Roussin Cote & Katie Larsen

Julien, Founder, and Katie, Editor-In-Chief, work together as the team of Go-Van, an online magazine and platform about vanlife culture. Both full-timers sporting 2016 Mercedes Sprinters, they believe in using their passion for the road and personal experiences to supplement their work as digital nomads. They strive to serve the vanlife community and its needs however possible, providing stories, videos, van tours, playlists, van gatherings, rentals, and more.

Get in touch with Julien and Katie to share your story, collaborate on a project, or caravan somewhere epic!

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Micah Pulleyn

Micah Pulleyn is the founder and director of the Asheville Van Life Rally, a gathering of nomads, wanderers, and adventurous folk in the beautiful Appalachian Mountains, which celebrated its 4th year in 2018 with over 250 vehicles and 2,500 visitors. Micah is a marketing consultant, event and film producer, and "social barnraiser" based out of Asheville, North Carolina, where she enjoys trail running, cycling, and community-building. Along with her son, Coletrane, she aims to explore the world, make new friends, and have wild adventures!

Connect with Micah for authentic conversations around the fire, impromptu dance parties, and to help grow the vanlife community.

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