2004 Dodge Sprinter 2500

Make, Model, Year: 2004 Dodge Sprinter 2500 158"

Mileage: 145,000

Price: $35,000

Location: Austin, TX

Interested? Contact the buyer at doug.sassaman6@gmail.com or on Instagram @dugsass.



Insulation & HVAC:

  • 2" Rigid polyiso board on floor, walls, & ceiling. Covered with reflectix & vapor barrior

  • Noico Liner sound deadening insulation on all large panels & wheel wells

  • Maxxair Roof top fan (3 speed, exhaust only, manual open/close)

  • Eberspacher Airtronic D2 Diesel heater *I've spent many nights in the van below 0F, and it's so well insulated that I often have to shut off the heater mid way through the night*


  • Schematic found here

  • 300W of solar from Renogy panels enters through water-proof junction box on roof. Renogy branch connectors for parallel connection.

  • Alternator charging via 150A Bosch alternator

  • Solar/Alternator charging managed by CTek D2505 + Smartpass. Includes MPPT charge controller for solar and DC/DC converter for Alternator. System intelligently charges both the auxiliary batteries as well as the van's starting battery

  • AWG6 used for transporting all solar power & alternator, reduces voltage drop to <1%

  • (2x) VMAXX Tanks - 12V 125Ah each, total of 250Ah

  • *Batteries will last 3-4 days without sun & with refrigerator running*

  • Trimetric TM2030 Battery Monitor (provides charge history & warnings if below threshold)

  • Cotek 2000W Inverter (on circuit breaker, so does not draw power all the time) - powers Leviton 15A standard GFCI wall outlet w/ USB, 20A total AC circuit

  • All components on circuit breakers, but system is also fused based on current RV standards

  • All AC & DC circuits run through Progressive Dynamics Distribution panel for easy access to fuses

  • 2x USB charge ports, 1x DC power outlet - both above sink

  • 6x Ikea LED lights + over-sink LED light, all run through switch panel above sink

  • Edgestar 43qt. Fridge runs on 12V dedicated circuit

  • Seaflow 3.8LPM water pump w/ on/off switch (under sink)


  • All cabinets use 3/4" Beech veneer ply

  • Full-height "closet" w/ hanging rack

  • 6' 4 cabinet storage above bed

  • Pantry


  • Air-ride passenger seat

  • Soundstream Bluetooth stereo w/ Kenwood 4" speakers + backup camera

  • Reflective sun shades for each window

  • Sliding curtain to separate cab from living space


  • Custom ash counter top

  • Plenty of kitchen storage

  • Moen stainless steel sink w/ stainless faucet

  • Thorough water filtration via Culligan filter + Doulton ceramic filter

  • 7 gal. Reliance clean water container + 7 gal. Reliance grey water container (both under sink)

  • Seaflow 3.8LPM water pump w/ on/off switch (under sink)

  • Edgestar 43qt. Fridge runs on 12V dedicated circuit - slides out from under cabinet

  • Coleman 2-burner camp stove

  • GSI hand-crank blender

  • CO & Smoke detectors


  • Thetford Portapotti cassette toilet


  • Storage for 4 bicycles (adjustable mounting)

  • Slide out tray 4'x8' w/ 500lb capacity

  • Outdoor gear storage via 6 sliding drawers

  • AC outlet

  • Hidden under-floor storage

  • Parktool bike service station

  • Peg board configurable storage on doors


*All items below have been replaced within the past 2 years and have <10,000 miles on them*

  • Alternator (150A Bosch)

  • Driveshaft (Dorner) & Center support bearings

  • Rear differential (Dorner)

  • Torque Converter, Transmission Service, Main bearing seal

  • EGR Valve

  • Fuel, oil, & Air Filters

  • ALL Belts & Hoses

  • Power Steering Pump & Steering Rack

  • Front Struts

  • Turbo Resonator (Aluminum Version)

Extra Items

  • Parktool bicycle service station

  • iCarSoft Diagnostic Tool


Interested? Contact the buyer at doug.sassaman6@gmail.com or on Instagram @dugsass.