Vanlife diaries began with a van ...

Surprised, eh?

Vanlife Diaries was initially a concept. Jared and Sam were fitting out vans into campers at an affordable price for fellow travelers. Travelers don’t have a lot of money and are usually happy just to blaze their own trail. If this involves hiring a campervan, funds can hemorrhage. Jonny, one of Jared's long-time brothers, came to stay at Jared and Sam's rental property in Collingwood. Like most old friends, the pleasantries dissolve rapidly and questions of direction and struggle bubble to the surface. Jonny had some skills he wanted to bring to the table and over the next four hours, they created a team and project. After six months, Vanlife Diaries Instagram following spiked to 30,000. The friends orchestrated two vanlife gatherings, fitted out several vans and expanded the Vanlife Diaries network of facilitators to five countries and four continents. This included hiring Kathleen to come on board as our American representative and part of our vanlife crew.

We need your help!

Vanlife Diaries can't happen without you. We'd like to share your story.

Need ideas or help for a new van set up? Want to start a vanlife gathering in your neck of the woods or have some feedback we could use to make your experience more enjoyable? Are you a brand that wants to reach the vanlife community? Reach out to us in your region below.



Dusty (Jonny Dustow) is co-founder of Vanlife Diaries. He lives in his van (Mercedes Sprinter) full time on the east coast of Australia sharing music and stories in his home country and the world. He is the lead member of a six-person band called Dusty Boots.

Send in your stories and photos if you are living the vanlife in Australia, Canada or Europe.




Jared is co-founder of Vanlife Diaries. He lives with his girlfriend Ashleigh in a van on the East Coast of Australia full time. He is also the singer-lyricist and fronts the band, The Evening Son. He works as a tradesperson and helps produce an array of community projects.

Reach out if you need a friendly professional hand fitting out your van or need ideas.



Sam is co-founder of Vanlife Diaries. When he’s not living on the road he has a base at Bells Beach Victoria Australia. Surfing is integral to his life and his connection to the surf coast community. He plays music, in three acts: The Evening Son with Jared, Boatfriends and Kira Puru. Sam works freelance in events, mostly music festivals, and promotes the community and charity channels though these events.

Converting vans into little homes is a real passion with his background in building it's worthwhile contacting Sam for a camper conversion.



Kathleen is the American representative for Vanlife Diaries. She knows first hand what it's like to live small. For more than two years, she lived with her boyfriend and their dogs in a 1969 camper trailer (140 sq. ft.). But she is also immersed in van culture as well. She owns a 1987 Toyota van that she is converting into an adventure mobile.

Hang with Kathleen as she shares adventures, features stories of others living this lifestyle and organizes van gatherings in the U.S.